Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Classroom


Okay, so I'm participating in the Not Back to School Blog Hop. I don't have as much homeschooling stuff as my friend because I just started it back up again. Also because some of their school stuff is online. Lots of resources I use are online. That is why you see the laptop. :) The books on the shelf are separated in order for each of my 3 sons. I just couldn't get it all in the picture. It's up HIGH away from my two little girls. Ivy is in the picture because she's trying to remind me that she is ready for school. She just turned four and the other day she asked if I'd make her another birthday cake so she can be five!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Aw, poor Ivy. Can she have a workbook, tooooo?

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing your space. I loved the story about your dd, 4 is a fun age!

Julie said...

can i come join her for some cake?? i do not want to be another year older though!!!

Virginia Revoir said...

Mrs C, I just gave Ivy 3 other workbooks I have that the boys won't be using. She is in Heaven. She'll come ask me if she needs to do some work. I'll tell her yes and she'll go to the table and color in the books or try to write. lol

Jule, haha. I know. When we were little we just couldn't wait to grow up! Now I know what my parents were talking about. Just slow down and enjoy each day.