Wednesday, September 23, 2009

38 Week Update

I've been working a lot lately to get caught up on some things. Namely laundry. Being that I did laundry from the time I woke up till late at night, I just had contractions all day long. I'm sure I sped things along for myself. I was almost dilated to a 2 a week ago. I see my doctor on Thursday and if I'm at a 3, she's gonna take me in. Soooooo, if I don't blog, you know why. :) I'm so nervous though! I had my daughter 2 weeks early on my own last time and so I'm used to going early. It's still scary you know. Giving birth. I didn't sleep much last night because of it. I finally drifted off in a fitful sleep around 3am. I was super hot even though I cranked the A/C really cold. I'm glad the girls were bundled, like you see in picture. :D (I know, I write with a lot of smiley faces). Anway, I have all the kid's stuff packed and a list for myself of stuff I can't pack until it's time to go. You know, like my toothbrush. I need that right now. And my deoderant! There are just some thing that go in last. What I want to know is where my white silky robe is? I hate those ugly, ugly hospital gowns. Now I'm gonna have to wear my big and pink fluffy one. You know, I'm usually bored laying around in the hospital so guess what I'm bringing with me? My laptop! Sitting in bed (healing) for 2 1/2 days is a long time. Not as long when I had the kidney infection in the hospital. That was 5 or 6 days but I was totally passed out for all that time. It's different when you give birth to a little cutie. I don't know about you but I don't sleep well after that. I'm just so excited and awake that I don't get much rest there. I usually stay up 24 hours after I give birth. Then I want to walk around and talk to people. There is no baby nurseries anymore these days! They are all hidden away with mommy. I'll have my camera of course to take lots of pictures, hee hee.....

I know, I really don't take that many pics. This time I will guys. You don't think I have a lot of pictures do you? (haha) Journaling is my life. I've been writing journals from when I was a little girl.
My boys are just going crazy counting down.
The other day Chaz (9 years old) said, "Mom, wow, your tummy is just getting HUGE! I hope Caleb comes out soon because that's just embarrassing. You know, you can't keep him in there till he's nine years old. That would REALLY be embarrassing."
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