Friday, October 09, 2009

My Love Hate Relationship With Fridays

I love Fridays because its the day my 3 older boys go to school for their enrichment classes. The only thing is even though we have two vans, we are only able to drive one for now so we have to get up at 5:30am just to drop Charles off, come back home for about an hour, then take boys to school in the morning, go pick Charles back up (he has a split shift in the day), go home or run some errands with him. Take him back to work, run an errand or sit in van for an hour and a half till it's time to get boys and then run right back to pick up Charles again from work. What was different this time was that Charles had a bus trip to take some kids some where. I had just got home after picking boys up from school and he said if I want I can come visit. Visit my honey bear??? Of course. :) I miss him during the day, the times we're apart. He wasn't gonna be back till late at night. So we got back in the van and headed to see daddy. We didn't get back home till 11:30pm so we are just pooped. I actually didn't go home today at all except for just a half hour. So from 5:30am till 11:30pm, we were pretty much gone from home. So, so very pooped! It's a great day to run errands and the boys love their classes, but it's also the most tiring day of the week.
Isn't this the cutest pic. Little Caleb is going to learn to be a deep sleeper being he has to sleep with all the noise around him in the day! haha.
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