Monday, October 26, 2009

Talking To Myself Again...

I'm up late writing out thank you cards to all my friends who gave me gifts for Caleb. Wow! I've been given gifts from 30 people total! I'm so overwhelmed by their giving.

In these last few months, through crisis' that I've had with friends and family, I've learned some things. Still learning for that matter. Good friends don't come easy. There will be many women that are quick to give you their opinions but it's the one that loves you for who you are and will save their opinions for the ones that truly matter. I've learned that all moms pretty much think they are the ones doing it right and everyone else that doesn't it differently needs to get with it. Ha ha. Speaking of. You guys MUST read Real Moms (Exploding the Myths of Motherhood). Wow! GREAT book and just really liberated me in so many way. Ahem. Onward. Good friends don't necessarily have to think JUST like you. I have learned some scary things. A friend can totally disagree with EVERYTHING about you but they sometimes hold it in and never say. Now that's scary to me. I don't like the beat around the bush thing. I would rather like to know what they think, period. I don't like fake friendships. Then again, someone always saying what they think is scary too. LOL.

I've learned some scary things about ME in the process and somethings I've needed to change. I've learned to pick my battles. If I'm always disagreeing with someone over trivial things, they won't listen to me when it really, really matters. Sometimes we can just have an argumentative spirit. I've learned to stop being so judgemental. I will stand up for what's moral and right. I will warn a friend when I see them heading down a dangerous path. Always. (What kind of friend would I be otherwise?) But I don't need to tell them that I don't agree with what time they put their kids down to bed. Ha ha! Putting your mommy opinions onto other moms.... well, you are just asking for it! Have fun, be a friend! (I'm talking to myself here). My family can be very confrontational at times and that's where I got it. I know because my husband told me. So, I'm learning to relax, enjoy my friends, and not have to always be so stinking opinionated. (I just think it in my head). Mwahahahaha!

Okay, enough of exposing myself. Sigh. Night guys. I just finished the cards to my great mommy friends. :D

P.S. You friends who gave me diapers as a gift, you just KNOW what a mom needs!!! You're awesome!

P.P.S He got some stinking cute outfits too. Sooooo adorable.
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