Monday, October 19, 2009

Caleb's Babyshower

Hi guys! Here some pics of the babyshower we had tonight for Caleb. It was so great having my friends there. (P.S. Kristy I saw you and kept trying to get your attention to say hi). Thanks for coming to all my friends. You totally blessed me and I loved our time fellowshipping together! You are all so fun. :D Also to Kristine, my mom, and Cindy for putting it together. I so did not even expect a babyshower and you gave me one. Wow! I count my blessing having such great friends in my life.

My wittle, wittle peanut!!! Ohhhhh! So squishy cute.

You can't see it but my friend Cindy, next to me, had this diaper bag ordered with Caleb's name etched big on the front. So cute! I love the dark colors too.

Everyone eating. They made some really yummy mexican food and even sent lots home with me. I'm sure gonna have fun eating tomorrow....

Starting to open up gifts. This was just such a huge blessing since I had no baby boy clothes. I got blessed with lots of diapers and wipes also.

Above is my friend Cheryl and I with baby Caleb.

Nana with Caleb!
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