Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ducks In A Row

This is how I find the kid's bathroom sink about 70% of the day. Just for fun I empty it every time I pass to see how quickly it will get refilled again.
This post is for my friend KRISTY!!! You know who you are my sweet friend. I never talk really personal in my blog because I get weirdos who go on here and make odd comments.
I'm reading this fantastic book called Real Moms (Exploding the myths of motherhood) by Elisa Morgan. It talks about how everyone has this mold we fit Motherhood into. What we think a good mother should be. It's true. Most of us give ourselves a hard time about it. Some moms having nothing better to do so they go around telling people they are no good moms. That they don't think that person fits into their perfect mold of what they think a good mother is. I let my kids push all my furniture in the living room around to makes army bases when other people think that's a disrespectful thing to teach kids. I let my monkeys jump on their bed because I liked jumping on my bed when I was little. They are not gonna break it for goodness sakes unless they are one of the video game kids who eat junk food all day and never get any exercise. Some people think that is dangerous. I've had family get on me because I don't follow my kids around the house all day to check up on them. Of course I watch my kids. I check on them all the time (seriously though) and constantly keep my ears peeled. I don't follow them around the house though. That would be weird. I HAVE to check on my kids. I have VERY energetic kids who like to try new things all the time. Just last week all three of my boys got eye injuries. Thankfully all of them are okay. One still has a black eye and the other one has a big red mark on the white of his eye. BOTH did it to themselves. Chaz banged his head on his bunkbed at night and Ryan banged his on his desk at school (homeschool enrichment class). Kyle got hit by a flying kid's plastic hanger. I hide my scissors on the fridge, even the kid's ones, because Ivy likes to cut up all the books in the house. She even offered to cut her own hair for me. Thankfully she asked me first. Since she was so insistent she'd do a great job, I hid the scissors in case she wanted to go ahead and try. I homeschool my kids not because I'm this incredible mom but because I have really crappy and low rated schools in my area. NOTHING good for miles around. There was one that was pretty good but for personal reasons, I had to pull them out. One of them was that they have no good special ed courses for my son and did not treat him well. So, therefore I'm homeschooling. I basically take what teachers would give them at school and we do it at home. I don't come up with all my own stuff. It's a curriculum laid out for me. Being that I'm not an incredibly organized, tree hugging, animal rescuing, organic growing, perfect looking mom.... homeschooling does not come natural to me. I love them though and therefore I sacrifice 6-8 hours every day to work with them. That's not including all my other work around the house. I thought I was done with Algebra! I ditched that class in school along with Geography. Did you know that I didn't know Paris was in France? I thought they were two separate countries until a dear friend enlightened me. I had no idea. That's embarrassing my friends. I ditched a lot of my freshman year of high school until I became a Christian later that year. Then I was cramming for all the tests, hoping that God would help me to pass. (I aced one of them by the way.) :D I had to retake my Freshman English course in my sophomore year because I was kicked out of that class the first time around. Thankfully I gave my heart to Christ, ran into that teacher several years later and had an opportunity to apologize to her about the name I called her in front of the class. She forgave me. :) So it's good I'm having to homeschool my kids. My teachers would only laugh if they could see me now. I was the kid in second grade who climbed on her desk and started singing her little heart out in front of the class. When there was a substitute in the class that day, one of first things they would do when they walked in was ask who Jenny was. The teacher would always give them a note to watch out for me. I wasn't a bad kid, just a major class clown who like to organize things such as having all the kids switch desks and be a different kid for a day since the substitute didn't know any better. Now that I'm a mom, I think sometimes God is up there with a BIG HUGE Grin watching me. I know mom, I heard you say it a hundred times. "You just wait and see. I hope you have kids just like you." :D I STILL love it! It's okay mom. Grandma told me she said the same thing to you. Hee hee....
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