Monday, March 28, 2011

Just One of Those Nights

By the time I get 6 kids ready for church (about 1 1/2 hours) and myself (which takes all of 15 minutes), drive to church, unload the kids and all the gear, find a row that fits all of us, I sit down in my chair with relief.  Well, last night was one of those nights where it SEEMS like everything is going well till you arrive in the parking lot of the church.  It dawns on me that the girls had loaded in the van without us having to ask.  Which ALSO means I didn't get a chance to check their outfits. Everyone has to go through a mommy check and often I have to send some back to change.

"No, Kyle.  You can't wear swim shorts to church".  Or "Ivy, spandex shorts and a dress shirt just doesn't count as being dressed up."

Well, we park the car and I said "Oh, my goodness.  What are the girls wearing?"  I look back and Ashley never changed out of her oversized play dress.  Some cute little outfits might be endearing but this time it just wasn't because of how big it was.  It was obvious I didn't dress her. Did I mention she also had NO shoes on?  

Charles says "Oh, it's okay.  I can just carry her in."  No way!  I said I'd rather drop them off and take Ashley back home to change.  The problem was that church was about to start.  Sigh.  So while they go inside, I just sit there for a minute to think.  Do I just take her inside looking obviously like mommy didn't get her dressed?  Even though she was bathed, she had already gotten stuff all over her face.  Her hair was a mess.  No shoes.  Oversized clothes.  Sigh again.  

I look around the van (I have a HUGE van) and see if I spot any clothes someone happen to leave behind. Yes, my kids sometimes load out of the van in their underwear once we get back home.  Seriously, I tell them they can wait till they at least get into their bedroom.  I spot shorts that belong to Caleb.  Hey, that might work. Ashley has a little butt.  But the problem is still no shirt.  I look again and find a dress for Ashley that was just out of the wash!  How the heck did that happen?  Then I realized that recently I told myself I would pack some extra clothes in the van for emergencies. I actually listened and did it!  Whew!  I NEVER do that!  I just never think ahead like that.  Well, this time it came in handy and saved my bacon.  The next problem was shoes.  Ashley yells out "Mom I found shoes!"  Yes!  She must of taken off her shoes before exiting the van after the morning service. I got some wipes and wiped her down, redid her hair.  

Feeling triumphant and generous I shake the pastor's hand, and also two other usher's.  I couldn't believe I made it and just before it started too.  I went downstairs to drop off Caleb.  Walking back up the stairs to go into service, I look down and notice somehow my blouse had unbuttoned all the way down to my bra.  Gasp.  I had just shaken 3 men's hands (one was the pastor's) while looking like that.  It wasn't a baggy shirt so when it's not buttoned, it just is VERY obvious.  I sat down just in time with a red face.  Gosh.  Even through all that and being embarrassed, I made it. I'm just glad the sermon wasn't about modesty.  That would've been the topper for me.

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