Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Protect Your Kids Online

I highly recommend SafeEyes (Click to read more) for your home to protect your children from harmful internet content.  Everyone in the family has a password so you can set up time limits and block different kinds of websites for each person. It will tell you if children post personal information, or inappropriate posts.  For the adults, you can disable SafeEyes if you are having troubles accessing a certain website. 

I've used this program for 2 years and have experienced no glitches or problems with it.  It's incredibly cool because you can have each person in your house have their own sign in.  Their own time limits, internet restrictions.  Like my kids have the highest restrictions. They can't go on Youtube, internet social sites, download anything.  They also have strict times they are allowed on the computer.  Never EVER do we have computers in anyone's bedroom.  They are always kept in the open.  I wanted to share this with you because it's been so successful for us.  We've used other ones in the past with poor customer service or that mess up our computer.  You can click on the link I give above to go to the website and get a 30 day FREE trial.  :)  You can't beat that.
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