Monday, March 07, 2011

Different Moms Everywhere

My pastor preached on self pity in Sunday School yesterday.  He pointed out that in life people will offend us, treat us bad sometimes, things in life will happen.  But.... we can't live our whole lives off those moments. Although they do affect us, they don't define us.  Okay, so someone said you'd make a terrible mom.  Or, you look fat in that dress.  Or tells you your mamas fat like a kid told my son a couple of weeks ago. (Argh) As much as I wanted to visit the school and duct tape that boy to the swinging cafeteria doors, I just let it go.  It's a little kid. Grownups that act like fighting kids just can't have that kind of power over us.  We can't give up our faith because of a few people that hurt us or give up on trying because we don't want to get hurt again.  I can't help but hear that same thing over and over "I'll never get over that".  Or "Because of this, I'll never trust again. I'm bitter and treat everyone bad around me because I got burned."  Etc.  I think when we get hurt, it stands out more than the good things because our hearts hurt. But we can't forget how many people in our lives love us and support us.  We can't go through life punishing the people we love because someone back in the day hurt us.  It's not what God would have for us.  Life is a gift and it can't be wasted on those that are jealous of you or just are so miserable that they want to make others miserable also.  Misery loves company.  I decided that I do have to be careful who I get close to in my life.  If it's someone that constantly demands too much from me or doesn't understand that my husband is the leader of my home, or that I have a family that comes first, then maybe it's time to let that go.  Or if I have a friend that is a BLAST to hang around but constantly encourages me to do wrong or make compromises in areas I know better, then I have to be careful.

Sometimes too I think moms just compare themselves too much to each other.  Instead, we live in a huge world and we have to realize that there are soooo many parenting styles out there. What's neat about the movie Babies is that it's about how every culture is different on how they raise their little one. Yet, somehow we all survive.  Right?  It shows one mommy wiping her babies poopy butt on her leg to clean him.  Well, we use baby wipes here but, heh, everyone is different.  If that works for her then, well, so be it.

I haven't actually seen this movie but I love the concept of it.  Babies and mommies across the Globe.  One time I was passing the nursery and overheard mommies debating over who cleans the most in one day.  One mommy said she mops 3 times a day another said she mops 4.  Goodness.  I'm just happy to mop when I get a chance. Like once a week  Okay, so for some, they find comfort and happiness maybe in spending so much time each day cleaning.  I've known some to even think of it as a hobby.  For me, babies and blogging are my hobby.  I love, love, love playing with my kids each day and dread the day they move out and on with their lives. I love playing hide and seek all the time, sitting and talking with them while cuddling.  I cherish each of those moments with them and it makes it to where cleaning is mostly done when they are passed out sleeping in their bed.  I just hate cleaning while they are awake.  Probably the only time I'll ever see cleaning as a hobby is when there are NO kids here and I have nothing else to do.  Perhaps by then I'll be living my dream and working at an Orphanage.  (I've already scoped one out).  I've wanted to work at one since I was a teenager.  I just don't know if cleaning will EVER be a hobby for me.  But mommy and wifey are my dream hobbies and I'm living it.  :P

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