Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Date with my Kids and Feeling Sassy

I won a gift card from Ellen on Ask Away so I decided to take four of my kids and make it a date. Charles and I rarely can get out alone together so I brought 4 little ones instead while he stayed and hung out with the other two.  Barnes & Noble is a little slice of heaven for me so this was a treat. I loooove books.  Don't know if you know that but it might be more obvious on my OTHER blog.

My favorite is a tall Cafe Mocha.  A magazine for just the pictures. Does anyone really believe anything they actually say?  Pfhhs!  I don't!  But I do like looking at the styles on people.  Plus, I find it weird that a they have these whole pages dedicated to proving these stars are normal.  "Look, they even drink coffee like us!"  or "They have a bad hair day sometimes just like normal people!"  

You think?

I'm glad no one follows me with a camera and says "Look!  She has baby barf on her shirt like a normal mom would. See?  Ohhhh, she is gets mad at her kids and tells them to stop wrestling on the floor in the middle of the mall.  Oh, look her face is red with anger.  Wow, she does have normal moments."  

I think mom issues are just universal.

Take Ivy for example.  Her idea of fashion is to wear a clown outfit and swim shoes to the mall.  Who am I do interfere with such budding design sense?  I have had to stop her from wearing her brother's clothes and a cap backwards.  I don't know.  At least I could say they were too big on her.  

The other day while getting ready she said "Mom, pleeeease don't make me wear a dress or a skirt. I just have to wear pants.  I only wear dresses because I have to at church."  I say, "It's okay, I'm gonna go dress up Ashley because she lets me."

Ashley always, always wants to look like a princess. So of course she wore her tutu.  She's my girlie girl THANK GOODNESS.  I have sporty spice and baby spice.  Just...more...innocent.  Heh heh.  

Ashley has this ear piercing scream that sounds like a jet is taking off.  Usually when she gets hurt or upset, everyone in the store knows it. It sounds likes someone is dying or is getting tortured.  So people run to the rescue but there is Ashley.  Upset that she spilled something on her shirt.  She did this about, ohhh, 4 or 5 times at the mall.  Each time I jumped a mile high.  Thankfully I can give a crud what people think so I have no idea of anyone's reaction.

We are CONSTANTLY changing in games because we find out the one they got had cussing in it.  So I ask the worker if the one Ryan was interested in has cussing.  He said, "Well, of course.  It depends on what you define cussing.  Most of them do."  WHY????  Seriously?  For kids?  What's the point?  Can you just have heroes fighting crime without the cussing?  At LEAST they could offer a parental control that allows us to shut the talking off.  I don't need Batman walking around saying "D*mn".  Argh.  Seriously, I know they are trying to cater to the older guys with game tummies but you can't forget about the kids who don't yet have to actually hold jobs.  Just a pet peeve of mine.  

My embarrassing moment of the day?  Really I have many but here is just one.

I always have embarrassing moments. Like yesterday when I was working on stuff. I took an empty garbage bag to go clean out the van when a gust of wind blew the big bag over and onto my head, then started to blow my skirt up. I grab my skirt while trying to get the bag off my head. I look around to see if anyone saw. Yes, just happens to be a crowd of guys right in front of my house staring at me

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