Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Must be True Love

Yummy Chicken Tikka Masala I made
today.  I tripled the recipe and
then double the sauce recipe
on top of that for the rice. I halved
the amount of salt called for.
Okay, I calculated it and I spend around 6-7 hours a day in the kitchen.  Some days I wonder if I should just have a tall stool on wheels but then I wouldn't get any exercise.  Whether its running to the store to grab that forgotten ingredient for a recipe or cook anywhere from three to TEN hours a day AND have to clean up all the mess each and every meal, I just wonder sometimes.  What would cause anyone who is NOT that crazy about cooking be in the kitchen for that long?  It could only mean one thing.

True Love.

I love my husband who makes a living for us to even HAVE a house that has a kitchen and the stuff to cook the food with.  Without him there would be no electricity to even cook it.  Or water to drink or add to recipes.  He shows his love by bringing it home.  I show my love by making it a home. What makes a home feel homey?  Well, the smell of baking/cooking and a kept house.  Even if it keeps getting messed up, I keep trying. Sprinkle some children's laughter into that and you got quite a charming place.  :)

Tonights dessert.
Rasberry Truffle.
Who says your home has to be a big house or even a house PERIOD for it to be homey?  I don't care if all I could afford is a GARAGE to live in, I need to make it a home. If we lived in a tree house and it was just one little room, well, I need to make it into a home.  I truly, dearly, wonderfully with all my heart appreciate my husband for what he's given me.  EVEN on the days I have a baby on my hip, the kids are arguing, food bubbling over, the dog barking, the chickens bawking, mud footprints being tracked into the house, the bills stuffing my mailbox, the yard needing mowing, the baby needing changing... I truly appreciate that he's willing to work so hard for us..  Of course I care for so much.  But without him, I'm be dawdling my fingers sitting in that boring ol' office at that software company I worked at back before kids.  Blah. So what If I got a paycheck?  SO WHAT?  Yay, I could have a nicer car and go shopping and out to eat.  Then start back to work again on Monday.  No I don't EVER day dream about back in the day when I had a career.  I remember.  My pocket was full by my arms empty and I couldn't cook if my life depended on it.

Some days, by the time I sit here blogging, I'm so tired my creaky fingers hurt to type, My eyelids are drooping and I'm drinking coffee so I can write.  Blogging is my hobby and it feels wonderful to write down every memory these last 5 years and events.  75% of which I might have forgotten.  Some days I'm folding laundry past midnight.  Some days I want to just lay flat on the floor and take a catnap but then if I do, all the kids think it's an invitation to dog pile.

So what would cause a woman to work straight 16 hour days with very little breaks, sometimes only bathroom breaks?

True love.

Through all the work there is a deep joy and heart pounding for this family.  Thank God He blessed me with this job.  Boy, His design was beautiful.  I'm one lucky and truly blessed lady.

Head on over to Kerrie's blog titled "Resentment Towards Your Spouse" to read another encouraging post.  Sometimes we need to remind ourself that the glass is half full when we feel frustrated.  AND take a nap every now and then!  LOL

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