Thursday, March 24, 2011

NEVER Had This Happen

Two days ago when were eating dinner, Caleb stood up in his high chair even though he was buckled.  He knows how to get out of it.  When I went to sit him back down he got really upset.  You know the cry where they don't take a breath because they are crying so hard?  He wasn't even making noise.  He didn't take a breath for so long that I even left the highchair, went into the kitchen, put something on a plate and by the time I came back out, he still hadn't taken a breath while in that deep cry.  

All of a sudden he just slumped over in his high chair and face planted in it.  I ran over to him to alert him so I quickly pulled his limp body out.  He came back to with a blue face and lips but was completely calm.  He wasn't even catching his breath from crying so hard.  Just totally calm.  I've NEVER had a kid pass out from crying like that and he almost did it again later on.  That time I blew in his face to make him catch his breath. I held him for a half hour to make sure he was okay after passing out. 

FREAKED me out.

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