Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pick a Husband Buffet

My kids saw a show called Wizards of Waverly Place.  The girl got her heart broken by a boy and sought comfort from her mom.  The mother said "Oh honey, your heart is gonna get broken many times before you find the one."

Really?  That's kind of sad.  No, VERY sad.  We told the boys that they don't have to have their hearts broken over and over and over. There is a difference between courting and dating for that reason.  I can't believe the worldly mentality is to just date around until you find the right one.  Another point for Courting!

I brake for funny cartoons! Heh heh

Back to seriousness.
Another thing that I've felt God dealing with me about is something Kerrie touched on about Resentment Toward Your Spouse.  Then to top it off Zsuzsanna talked about how people are too quick to divorce.

She said, "...Besides all that, my personal observation has been that those who complain about their spouses all the time, or think to themselves what a jerk he is, really are not a pleasant person to be around themselves."

Oh ouch.  Sometimes that can be true. There are two sides to every story right? Her post was pretty controversial but many of hers are!  LOL.  The basics of it is that you can just think of finding a husband with a "buffet" mentality.  Of course we have the idea of a perfect spouse but that's REALLY hard to actually attain. "I want this in a man, that in a man, etc."  So after being married awhile, it's easy to start finding things to pick on.  Hence, you become that dreaded word.  Nag.  Seriously, are we even the PERFECT wife?  Do we not have mistakes, flaws, and annoyances?  I mean, maybe you're perfect but I certainly have things to work on.  One big one just flashes like a big annoying sign in my face all the time:

Yep. Actually you might think I NEVER organize but I constantly work on it allll the time.  I donate 10 items every day at a minimum.  Does that tell you something?  Yes, I get blessed many times over from other people. As God continuously meets our needs, the old has to be filtered out.  My husband tells me over and over that he can't believe how hard I work but all I see is how far behind I am.  Never in 12 years has he been critical of my poor organizational skills.  He's a perfectionist too.  THAT is amazing to me.  

To be honest, I've learned that being a perfectionist is something I can live without.  I've seen people torture themselves having to have everything perfect. One mom at church told me she can't go out unless everything in her house is in it's place.  Okay, for me that would mean I'd NEVER get out.  My goodness.  Being unorganized can be a thorn in my flesh but being a perfectionist would probably make me go crazy and I definitely would've stopped at 2 kids. I watched my Aunt scrub the floor constantly with a toothbrush.  I just want to buy a Scuba (picture above) SOOOOO badly!  It's been my dream for years!  ((Drool))  I've daydreamed about going to bed while letting the Scuba do it's magic.  Sigh.

Wow, I went WAY off track!  What I mean to say it, I have to look at the positives of my wonderful husband that works a job so I can stay home and be my crafty self.  I'm not really crafty but I do make babies well.  Does that count?  For an hour every night, my husband prays with the kids and reads the bible and they love every minute of it.  He plays with the kids and LOVES shopping malls just to window shop (amazing).  He constantly is trying to get me to go have my own night out and relax.  I never want to because I miss my family the entire time.  I just feel tortured till I reunite with them.  Charles was so happy with me to have the kids home for Spring break and we're both so bummed they have to go back to school again.  Since Charles works for a school too, he had the time off.  A guy at church asked him if he was going crazy being at home with the kids.  He said "Nope, I'm loving every minute of it."  Gosh, how did I get so lucky? 

Whenever I want to pick on something as little as the backyard needing some work.  I'll remind myself that I have quite a treasure right under my roof.  They total 8 and all but one is blonde. Family is better than having everything be perfect. I do have an idea though to always keep the yard clean from poo.  What do you think?  I was gonna stick this by my backyard to alert neighbor kids.  They all come visit, jump on my trampoline and pet my kids anyway.  But at least I can get the poop in the yard picked up.

Yeah?  Seems like a good idea to me.

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