Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing Up Messies

Kyle Sleeping

My kids did this hammock sort of thing to sleep in.  Everyone wants to sleep in it now even though it was Ryan's creation.  You know what I'm seeing here?  They are still my little babies that love that cuddle feeling. This is the cutest thing ever.  I can't believe they thought this up.

My facebook post today on Yes, They're All Mine said this:

"♥ Lord, you are going to have to help my faith. I work so hard yet it seems that I'm always behind. Makes it hard to get back up again over and over. I love having a big family but it seems the work load is over my head. ♥"

Some days the work load is huge with my kids.  Yes, they do chores.  You know what else they do?  Make HUGE messes.  Every time I say  "Wow, it's getting really messy" Charles says "Yeah, but chore time is coming."  Still, I would like it to stay nice for more than 1 hour.  As much as I watch and really try to catch who is making the mess, even if I catch one and correct them, another is making a mess elsewhere.  I truly cannot keep an eye on each person at the same time.  I'm at the point where i want to just pack up everything in their room except their clothing for a bit.  Then at least I can tell who left the trail of shirt, pants, then underwear in the living room.  Then all I have to look for is the kid running around with a naked butt.  Seriously.  Are my kids the king of slobs or what?  I've trained them for years on chores and getting after them.  It feels like the only thing they've learned is how to shut the back door in the summer.  And that's shaky.

Note to future spouses:  I really am trying hard to train them.  I hope with all of my heart that I will pass them to you, Oh wonderful-and-godly-spouse-who-is-so-organized, that they will have some self respect and clean up after themselves.  I promise to keep giving my best to training them so you don't hate me till I die. P.S.  I added the godly and organized part out of faith.  

My facebook entry later in the day: 
Kyle (7), Ivy (5), and Ashley (3) came up to me and said "Mommy, you don't have to clean today because we want to clean the WHOLE house for you. They've been working for a couple of hours already. They asked if they could have $1 and a chocolate bar. I think I can do that. ;) How did they know what my blog was about today?


Yesterday I worked in the kitchen since 1pm to make these loaves of part wheat and white bread (with a handful of cheese in it).  All I can say is Wow.  Simply delicious and bread came out perfect and soft. My kids were in love.  Okay, one more thing.  I do believe "Whiter the Bread, Quicker You're Dead" but since I was missing key ingredients for my full wheat bread recipe, this had to do.  Was really good.  

Then, I turned my attention to making Fried Chicken from Tereza's cooking blog.  Well, I was out of plain bread crumbs and only had the one with Italian seasoning mixed in it. I canned the idea of it ONLY being Fried Chicken night.  So I got out my fresh eggs from my chickens:

dipped the chicken in flour, then eggs, then the Italian bread crumbs and fried it just like Tereza said (medium heat worked for me):

Then added some mozzerella cheese on top and Pasta sauce.  Had the YUMMIEST Chicken Parmesan!  Oh man.  Wasn't planning on making it tonight but, oh yummy, the family loved it.  :)  I normally would slice the chicken to make it thinner but forgot to.  Oh well!  We loved it.  

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