Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Saved a Whale Today

You'll see what I mean in a minute...

Usually I spend so much time surface cleaning that I don't get to do much decluttering (that would help so much) and I ESPECIALLY find little time for kitchen organizing. Well, I don't know what spilled in my cupboard but it was sticky and coffee grounds were spilled everywhere. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down and cleaned this out. You can't see in the pic and for some reason the pictures makes it look alright. Well, it's not. Trust me. I had herbs mixed in with baking stuff and I could never find anything.

It just kinda happened overtime getting so messy.  When I cook and I'm trying to just grab stuff, I don't always put it back neatly. It's just big mess.  I always had to get a stool to reach the top shelf for my baking stuff.

The picture doesn't really show how bad it was.  There was sticky stuff everywhere.  

I cleaned it out and put herbs and spices on the bottom shelf.  Baking stuff in the middle.  Duh, should've thought of that before so I didn't have to jump every time I needed something from the top.  After organizing it, I had an empty top shelf!  That made it to where I could put drink mixes on the top which in turn gave me more room in my pantry.  Whoo hoo!  

Okay, so it's only one cupboard.  I may not be able to save the whole ocean, but at least I saved a whale.

Oh!  I have to tell you about my crazy dream!  I dreamt that I had a friend riding with me in my car to pick up something from my house.  She asked to come inside but I told her no because I was embarrassed it was messy.  She begged and begged so I said okay.  After all, she said she was my friend and it didn't matter. We walked in and my house looked absolutely perfect.  She gasped and said, "You lied! Your house isn't messy! You're a closet perfectionist aren't you?  All this time you try to encourage disorganized people but you really don't understand!"  She was really upset with me. I said, "I'm sorry! My house doesn't normally look like this!  I don't know what happened!"  

 So funny!  What a crazy dream.  You know, I may not be a closet perfectionist.  I wouldn't be hiding that, trust me.  But I have a fun time with my kids and play an awful lot with them.  Maybe more time that a lot of parents get to.  Of course I clean every day but I don't always have the time to do it all.  Like I said, I may not get to always save the ocean but I did rescue one whale here and there.  

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