Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is ADHD an Illness or a Hurdle?

My Elementary Days
In my other BLOG I was talking with moms on the subject of Aspergers.  The second half I talked about ADHD.  Is it an illness?  What are the positive aspects of it?  I wanted to share it here.

ADHD has been given a lot of negatives and at times it was hard for me to deal with growing up.  But one day I needed to stop and think about the positives.  Yes, I struggled all through school.  Yes, I drove my parents crazy most days.  Yes, I made my parents chase me down the street in front of the neighbors quite often.  Yes, sitting in church was torture for me at times.  Sometimes they had to drag me out while I was kicking and screaming.  At times the pastor would just have to stop preaching because he couldn't be heard over me.  Taking me to the store was sometimes humiliating.  As an adult, these struggles don't always go away, they just change.

Organization is like rocket science to me.  I love going to church and I go three times a week.  BUT I have to keep my hands busy by doodling so I can focus.  When I compare myself to moms that making homemaking and organizing look like a cinch, I want to hang my head in shame.  I tend to go in circles cleaning up because of my focus problems.  I still wear earmuffs when the house gets too loud.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm a very traditional homemaker and LOVE it.  I bake, clean, cook, wash, sew, have babies, homeschool and I love every bit of it.  ADHD I believe helps me keep up with all these things.  Juggling it, albeit not perfectly and some days despairingly, I will work myself to exhaustion making sure it gets done.  Being able to move quickly from one thing to the next without having a perfectionist mentality makes it possible for me to keep up with a busy life and making room for spontaneity.  At times I may go to bed with a spotless house.  Sometimes I may be too embarrassed to answer the door.  But I can promise you this, I go to bed in peace that I give it my all every single day.  I may not have all the clothes washed or dishes may be piling in the sink, but it's probably because I'm out back playing soldiers with my boys or barbies with my girls in their room. If you are looking for a supermom, then you're looking at the wrong gal.  But if you are looking for an example of someone who loves life, loves her family, tries every day to work on her weaknesses, then you've found the right one.  Even though I struggle, I won't give up and just roll over because orderliness is a character quality.

Character Quality Alert

Orderliness vs. Disorganization

Preparing myself and my surroundings so that I will achieve the greatest efficiency. 
1 Corinthians 14:40

Some may call ADHD an illness.  For me it's just been a hurdle.  I truly am blessed. 

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