Monday, March 14, 2011

Video Games or Sports?

These pics are of my husband, his best friend Roger taking the kids out shooting.  They just wanted to shoot and blow up stuff.  Typical guy stuff.  :D  

So I was thinking.... the thing they both have in common is they like computer games.  You know you Call of Duty and Starcraft.  Different stuff like that.  I always said I didn't want to marry someone that was addicted to watching sports on TV.  Especially after things I've seen.  Well, I ended up marrying a gamer.  So I started to think of the difference.  Is there one.  I thought of one. A big one.  A gamer can choose when he plays his games.  Kind of like a way to wind down at the end of the day and just relax and chill.  Women do this in other ways like shopping, blogging, etc.  So we really can't knock it.  

A guy that likes to watch sports, it seems like their life has to wrap around it some.  You know like "Oh, hon, sorry but my game is Friday night at 7.  Sorry."  Games even on Thanksgiving.  On other holidays.  on SUNDAY. I've seen guys missing church or family functions over sports. So I guess if I had to choose one addiction to another, I'm glad I married the gamer.  :) They get to choose when their game starts.

Okay, you want to know something embarrassing?  I always have embarrassing moments.  That's just how it is for me.  So since the guys were gone today I thought I'd get some organizing done and just forget about my regular chores and set it aside for later.  I tackled my laundry room because it was just a mess and also needed a good wiping down.  I did about 6 loads of laundry plus the organizing. Next, I tackled overflowing cupboards.  On top of it, I had decided to try a new recipe from a cookbook.  

The embarrassing part. I didn't KNOW Roger was coming over after shooting.  So I just was having a merry ol' time being a good girl and organizing.  I know the kids had made their own Mud Mania in the yard and it got dragged in all over my tile and dried.  BUT, I was gonna tackle it in a couple of hours when kids weren't walking everywhere.  So Roger comes over with his kids and my face is red because the floor looked like King Kong tracked all over my floor.  To top it off I had my laundry piled high on the dining table.  Then, the recipe was dumb and completely stunk. They ate it anyway.  I made it right, it was just a crappy recipe. I think they were trying to make it a healthy recipe and sacrificed, saaaaayyy, YUMMINESS in the process.  Even though they ate it, I was embarrassed. We all said "Yup, that's a dumb recipe."  Plus I was wearing my black pants that say Aeropostale on the butt.  I generally don't like to wear stuff like that around other people.  I didn't get to sanitize the bathroom until later tonight which meant, when they used the restroom they probably gagged.  Sigh. 

"Lord, you have funny ways of keeping me humble.  But, just so you know, I've already been greatly humbled a hundred times over. But if You think I still need it, then that's all right.  I trust you."

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