Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flashback May & June 2007

I forgot how I always do a flashback every month to see how much has changed in one years time! It is so much fun. It would shock you to see how many things happened that you forgot about. This is why I love blogging.

June 2007 was a bittersweet month as my friend passed away from cancer. She was also my sunday school teacher when I was younger. I was starting to get big being that I was pregnant with my little Ashley. :)

May 2007 was a fun month with Mother's Day and posting some pics of my newly decorated house. Even more exciting was my new ultrasound picture telling me I was having a girl in my tummy! Yeah! I got to see my house before it was painted in the living room. Also, (choke, sob) before it started getting more cluttered. Actually, I am proud right now because I've been bagging up things collected over the last year and donating them. As things come in, other things need to go out so it's not so hard to clean!!!
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