Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home-schoolers Threaten Our Cultural Comfort

I have to admit...... I was here once. I was the person who felt threatened by homeschoolers. I made every reason in the book why I thought they ought to be in school. But.... remember too, or for those of you who don't know, I did have my kids in school but since I've moved far away from any good ones, I chose to pull them out. I didn't do it because I thought school was "evil", (although public schools do have serious issues), I grew up just fine in the public school system. My parents were awesome in showing me scripture and raising us up faithfully in the Lord and so I knew when the schools were spewing garbage. Kids are smarter than we think. Anyhow, enough of my talk!

YOU'VE GOT TO READ THIS ARTICLE.... Home-schoolers threaten our cultural comfort

Read that article before reading on...
I do think it is so incredibly silly now that daycares now call themselves "preschools". I mean, come on, lets face it. We all know it's a daycare so we can have duel incomes. That is such silliness. But... if it makes the parents feel better. I personally can never imagine giving birth to kids and then driving them to a daycare for 9-10 hours a day. That would BREAK my heart. They are mine. I want to raise them. By the time these parents get their kids home, it's almost bedtime. WHY? Why have kids? Who is really raising them? People can question me why I homeschool all they want. I'm gonna turn it around. Why have kids if you're just gonna throw them in daycare so you can have that nice "extra" car, nice clothes, nice house? It's TOTALLY different when you HAVE to. Lets face it though. We are SOOOO spoiled and we don't need as much as we THINK we need. I remember when my husband lost his job back when I had two kids. What were we to do? Should I work? No. I want to raise them myself. We moved in TINY little 1 bedroom apartment. So the boys could sleep quietly in a room, Charles and I slept in a HIDABED. A pullout couch. I mean, it wasn't exactly comfortable. We lived there a year till we got back up on our feet. We had NO car so we had to walk to store. This was so I could stay home. Now, my husband has great job and makes double he did then. But I didn't sacrifice my kids to do it. People can question me all they want about why I homeschool or why I have so many kids.

LET ME ASK THEM INSTEAD... Is your house/car/SUV/possibly even extra cash/shoes/clothes worth it? Is it a good trade?

I get questioned all the time about why I stay home, homeschool, and have five kids. It feels good to turn it around. :D

Gosh, I love blogging.
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