Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are Roman Catholics Christians? (More Added)

This was definitely a worthy study to do because I am surrounded by many Catholics in my life. My mom was raised Catholic but is now a Christian. My husband's mom was raised Catholic and my pastor was raised Catholic who is now a Christian. Allll their family is Catholic. So I've learned a lot about it. I was visiting a friend's site when I realized she was Catholic. She was talking about it and invited some people to leave comments. I left a comment on my beliefs about it. Naturally, some Catholics weren't too happy about it and addressed me a few times. ;) That is okay. It's to be expected. It is a subject some Christians are afraid to address. After doing much study of my own, the best study I can ever give you would be "Are Roman Catholics Christians" By the chick Tracts. It would only take 5 minutes to read it. It will even give you the original history of the religion that even some Catholics don't know about. It will also give you scripture from the Bible so we can see for ourselves what God's word says about it. THAT is what really counts. These days a lot of people are wanting to mix Christianity in with Catholicism. Just to clear it up. :D I know there are different branches of Catholics. But.. it all comes from the same source. The little booklet will tell you the original history. Pretty scary!

Later added: I understand what some are saying. :) That they have known people to get saved in the Catholic church. In fact, when my husband was a teen, he attended the youth group of a Catholic church. They only prayed to Jesus as the Bible said to and kids were getting saved. He said it was awesome! Once he got into the regular mass it was completely different. I do believe people can get saved. However, I will never delve deeply into any studies other than the bible. Many people have been "talked into" other religions. To this day, I have never had a Catholic compare their beliefs, step by step to me, just using The Holy Bible. They can't. They can't because it is unbiblically sound. Lies have been around a long time. The best lies are those that are mixed in with some truth. That has been going on since Adam and Eve, all the way back in the garden. Satan mixed in lies, with truth, and Adam and Even fell into it. I will only listen to scripture out of the bible. The bible says, "Let God be true and every man a liar". The best study you could ever do is compare Catholic rituals to God's Word. Not to attack. This is just a study I have looked into for a long time and I've had people around me have questions so I decided to address. That is what a blog is for. A journal. :)

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