Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun (and stress) at Amazing Jake's

We got invited to a birthday party at Amazing Jakes. We were really excited to go because we visited it four months ago and enjoyed it. HOWEVER... it was sooo packed this time! My gosh! You had to weave through people. But you know since I love food, it was a great place for me. They have the coolest buffet for sure. Different types of rooms to eat in. As if you are walking into different restaurants completely. One room is a sports type place, another is a movie room, another is a more formal dining room with no TV's, one is Caribbean type. The place is just huge. Anyhow, first off we were an hour late so Jill gave away my ride cards because she thought we weren't showing up. There was a bit of confusion for awhile as to what to do about it. Well, since my sis was leaving she just gave
her passes to my kids. So all night we had to share two card passes. Because Ivy just potty trained completely, she had to go potty a lot from all the juice and I had to take her as soon as she mentioned so she wouldn't wet her pants. I think I spent a quarter of my day in the bathroom! At first the day started off so stressful with all the birthday stuff going on. Poor Jill was soo stressed out and didn't really even get to visit with anyone much. That's what happens with these types of parties! I think it depends what you like. At places like this, count on the fact that you won't do any visiting with your friends or family because everyone just kind of separates and does their own thing. That's why I've always hesitated doing parties out places. I usually like them in our house and just have a big party. Since there is so much to do there, between golfing, bowling, eating (which I did tons of), games, rides, and laser tag... we were there a total of 7 1/2 hours! Wow! I think that was a record for us. Last place we went like this we spent only 6 hours. New record for us...
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