Friday, June 20, 2008

My 29th Birthday Party

My mom did my party a little late because we wanted my sister to be there. She ended up not being able to come so we visited with our friends my kids swam, then we rode on the boat again. It is just so pretty and I'm a lover of any body of water. Ha ha... I have no beach nearby. Sniff... Anyway, thank you to my friends who came! :D I don't know why my little Ivy has to flirt with the driver of the boat. Sheesh. It's not like I was like that when I was younger....
Anyhoo, we decided to stay by the kiddie pool today so I wouldn't have to go dive in after them fully clothes. ha ha... We visited the island again in the middle of the lakes and then we saw the mother duck with her babies. It was sooo cute! I had fun with all our kids too. There was Eighteen of us on the boat. 9 were kids. :D Thank you mom and dad for everything. You are awesome! Pics are of my most of us on boat. We couldn't get everyone in picture. Our good friends Roger and Becky! Look at the pic where I am posing wiht my family alone. Except for one extra. Little Ruthi in in picture too. :) I switched my numbers around on my cake for it to say 92 instead of 29. Hee hee. Made me grateful not to complain about turning only 29. Then you see a pic of Charles, Ashley in carseat, and my dad. :D Oh, and my good friend Aimee is on boat too! (Brandon, we missed you and wished you were with us)!

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