Sunday, June 01, 2008

Casting Crowns "Does Anybody Hear Her?"

I know I've been showing a lot of videos lately. I guess I've been really finding some videos that speak to my heart and I love to share! This video was me as a teen. I really reached out to find attention, love. Instead of looking for male attention from my father, or even from God, I looked for it in guys. Every girl longs for male attention as a young girl but some are lucky enough to have that healthy relationship with their father. There are many though who don't have that. My dad was a very hard worker and was worked too hard in ministry so he was gone a lot. I know he looks back and wishes he had just stood up and said no to all the stuff he volunteered for. I admire my dad (and mom) for all their sacrifice for people. I never got pregnant out of wedlock... But I was so depressed in my sin and I wanted a way out. At the time I so badly wanted a friend to help pull me out and show me a reflection of myself. Tell me that Christ died for me and he loves me. He will never forsake me. I trusted man but was only hurt. God will never forsake you. Never abandon you or break your heart. Fathers may leave you, man may hurt you, friends may betray you.. but God never will.
Here is another excellent version of the song in a video. Excellent. A different outcome from video above. This ending is much more like mine. :)
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