Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ashley's Turn to Blog

Whenever my mom's back is turned, my big sister Ivy will climb into my crib and visit me. Today she decided that I need blue tape on my face to bring out my pretty blue eyes! What do you think? Did I tell you I learned how to crawl only a few days ago and now I'm all over the house? Today I pulled lots of paper out of my mommy's printer, I tried to disconnect her modem from her computer, then I tried standing up while leaning on my mommy's computer chair. The problem is her chair moves so I fell down. That seems to be happening a lot lately. My mommy told my daddy today that she's going to go get a walker for me. Whatever that is. She said I keep trying to scoot across the floor while I'm in my saucer. I discovered all kinds of neat things on the floor that I can get a hold of. My mommy keeps taking them away from me though. It's been so fun since I started to crawl. My mommy won't stop following me around though. She thinks I'm gonna put something in my mouth. Whatever.
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