Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Waterpark Fun!

Last Saturday we took our kids to a small waterpark we have by us. It is just so cute and is much easier to spot the kids rather than a large water park. It was fun watching Chaz do flips off the diving board. Charles finally convinced me to get up on the diving board. It has been so long so I ran to the edge to jump off but then I stopped and had to try again. Ha ha. I couldn't find my regular swimsuit so I could only find one of my maternity ones. I've been pregnant so many times I have this whole collection of maternity suits. Well, I couldn't find a regular one so when I went to go dive, the lifeguard told me I had to take my shirt off first. I was like, "um, this is a swimsuit, it's just maternity so it looks like a shirt." Ha ha! He was so embarrassed! Before we left we went to Costco and bought them all life vests so that we didn't have to worry as much being that they are all still pretty little. We had 5 kids within 7 years so my oldest is only 7! That way we could relax more with the life vests. It was great! Ashley here was the only one just hanging out by the grass. She is terrified of baths so I let her try out the water there and she loved it. She was splashing water all up in my face! Ha ha! Here is a video but it turned out pretty cruddy for some reason. You can see Ivy's cute pink life vest. Pretty soon I'm gonna try out a bigger water park. It's time for me to go swimsuit shopping!

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