Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some Pics to Share...

Here is a pic of my pretty sis Tammy holding my Ashley while were on a boat. She's always been really good with babies. Well, she put Ashley right to sleep! The other pic is of Charles and his girls. How cute. They both just get so excited when daddy walks in the door. Ha ha! Ivy is a total daddy's girl just like I am with my dad. They sure are lucky to have a dad around. My husband didn't have that and he is getting to see first hand what a family is like being raised in a Christian home. What a blessing! He loves it. He is a good dad and I am ever so grateful that he strives to be a Christian husband and father. That is just such a huge blessing. This other picture is of my snuggle Kyle who will just cuddle anyone who lets him. He is a major cuddler. Just know that if you come sit on my couch, he'll go run for his blanket and come sit next to you. He'll stay there for like an hour too. If you fall asleep, he'll fall asleep right next to you. Such a sweetheart.
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