Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Stinkers

So now that Ashley can crawl everywhere, she doesn't like her playpen, her saucer, or her cradle. She only wants to crawl on the floor and leave her mommy worried. So I have to keep more of an eye out. I think I need to go invest in that walker so she can get about without getting into something. So I put away her saucer (the plaything you see with Ashley and Kyle in picture). kyle likes to put that babydoll dress on her head like it's a hat. That's Ivy, my two (almost 3) year old when she was at Nana's house She would live there if she could! Ha Ha!
P.S. My boys are in Heaven right now. Friday and Saturday is game day on the playstation. That means no time restraints. So we just put it up when it's not those two days. This makes it so much easier instead of trying to monitor them everyday on it. :D
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