Friday, June 06, 2008

Brandon's Team Rocks

*Pics are of Brandon, my dad, Aimee (Brandon's mom in chair) and my kids in stroller.
We went to see our buddy Brandon play in his baseball team today. My kids just loved watching him play. They were so into it. It was so nice not to hear any weirdo parents yelling insults out to the other team or even to their own kids. They have rules about that stuff now. Good thing! Parents can get crazy at times. It's like parents are living their fantasy out into their kid and/or they can't stand to see their kid lose. "You know, Johnny, that life is all about winning. It's not about being a team player, about working together, supporting each other. It's just about winning! If you don't win this game, my ego will be bruised and I'll make you feel like an idiot." Of course winning is important. I can't believe some teams don't even have the whole "winning or losing" anymore because they don't want to hurt feelings. Okay, THAT'S weird. Anyhow, here are some pictures. Brandon's team won 15-4 I believe. :) Awesome.
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