Monday, June 16, 2008

Waterpark Fun

On Saturday we went to a waterpark for my birthday. I'm a total summer girl so I just loooove the beach. Since I have no beach near me I have to settle for waterparks and pools! LOL. Sooo, this is our fun we had on Saturday. It was just a beautiful day and the kids had a blast. I got a Play Station 2 for my birthday which is just totally cool. However, since my kids are a little too obsessed with games, we keep it up in the closet during the week. It is only taken down on Friday and Saturday. Then it's put back up till the next week. I got myself the Incredibles game because it's my favorite! It's just so much fun. I hope to get the Wii for Christmas so I can get some of the fitness and boxing stuff. Also some other fun sport games and Guitar Hero. Stuff like that. We loove get togethers at our house so we want to have a couple different game systems on our Friday nights that we have with friends. Or sometimes we just play board games and stuff. :) Anyhow, here are some great pics! I turned 29! Ohhh, it's my last year in my twenties.
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