Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Birthday Party

My kid's friend Calie had her 7th birthday the other day so we celebrated Saturday. Brianne can always say that it is tons of fun to have 20 something kids at any party! No seriously, all the kids were really good there and were a pleasure to be around. (I never thought I'd say that because back when I was a teen... they frightened me). Ha ha. All the kids there behaved and were respectful so it actually wasn't "wild like". Maybe just the adults were loud mostly. :D This pic is of my son Kyle below. He is playing on a cute guitar Brianne got for her son when they were vacationing in New Mexico.

Here is a goofy picture of my two older sons play in their games systems. Go figure. It's just like them to be inside doing that rather than playing outside in the water. Ha ha. Well, Friday and Saturdays ARE their allotted game playing time. :D They were just soaking it up while they could. Also there are some other cute pics of all the kids on the slide, my daughter with a birthday hat on. Ivy in her little silly swimsuit (that we would never let her wear after the age of 3), Brianne's husband going down the slide... ha ha. It is always great fellowshipping with friends. Whatever excuse we can get to see each other. It's always a pleasure visiting Bri and Domonic.

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