Monday, June 23, 2008

Weird Trinity Going On Here

Ha ha... I love the title I put to this. Sooo, yes, these are the three (in this bumper sticker I want) we are out to defeat. One weird one that I'm glad is out of the picture is Al Gore. As our assistant pastor was saying the other night in service, Al Gore and his wife are all talk when it comes to what they really believe in. Did you know that Al Gore once believed in Gun Rights? Now, he is actively trying to take away those rights. It wasn't until he was in the running that all of a sudden he was on the arms of Hollyweird (Hollywood) and he changed a lot of his stands. His wife was the one that headed the movement for music to have a warning label on it for parents to see if words were graphic in it. She had a conviction about it. Also, do you really believe he cares about this "Global Warming" bit he gives? Do you think that maybe money might be a factor? I mean, since he started this whole thing, his profit has increased by 1 million dollars a year. He cared very much and that's why his own house consumed 20 times more energy than the average household. It wasn't until people starting noticing this hypocrisy did he decide to go green. Now that he did that, his energy bill is 4 times more than before. Ha ha. Anyone who cares somewhat about the bible, it's standards, and beliefs, will probably know this truth in what I'm about to say. It's so easy to know who to vote for. Whoever Hollyweird votes for, I vote the opposite. Hollyweird promotes materialism, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, and other abuses. Why would I look to them for my moral standard? Um, no... It would be spiritual suicide to look to them as a guide for anything decision in my life. I so can't wait till we catch Osama. Since Obama is friends with so many shady people (that Bush refuses to make deals/friendships with), maybe if Obama is elected, his friends will give him a break and hand Osama over. That's the one microscopic benefit I could see in Obama getting elected. Since Obama doesn't exactly know what or even how he is going to "change things", I can have this one hope. That his shady friends will be nice for once and help us end this search for Osama once and for all. This won't really stop the problems with terrorist who hate America. I just want to see Osama put to trial like Hussein did. I would give him three choices. Prison for life (which I think he's rather be "martyred", be hung, or be given a sex change and given back into his own country. You know, they don't treat women over there very well. So making him a woman would be a disgrace. I know, that's not very nice! Don't worry, America will do only what is needed to serve Justice. I just love all that Bush has done. I've had a friend die for the freedoms he was fighting for. For the people in that country to be able to taste freedom. Something we take for granted. They are ever so grateful for all the Americans have done, for Bush. Yet.... you never see it in the news. You know.. that's Hollyweird for you.
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