Thursday, June 12, 2008

Operation Laundry

I'm trying to beat my score for Tuesday on how many loads I can get done. Six is not very much so I have to beat it! (This includes folding and putting away.)
****Yay! I beat the score! It took me 11 straight hours of washing, folding, and putting away. Umm... this doesn't mean I'm DONE washing all my clothes. I'm just happy I got this much done. We'll see when I do this again. ****
10= loads of laundry done for thursday.
6= loads of laundry done for Tuesday.
16= loads total. Yeehaw!
I soooo need to do laundry. This is my incredibly cool set that my hubby bought me. Well, I need to do laundry really, really, really bad. Well, since we are still homeschooling through the summer, plus the fact that I still have other major things to take care of (such as cooking, cleaning, caring for 5 little ones under the age of seven).... I am setting myself up a counter to show how many loads I am accomplishing and how long it takes me to finish. I have an extremely cool Whirlpool Duet front loading, super capacity, washer and dryer set so it's not like I'm having to hang things up on the line outside. Hee hee, to my sis Jodee who is in South Africa. :D No really, they are being monitored for their energy uses so she had to stop using her dryer. She is resorting to hanging her clothes on a line.

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