Monday, June 23, 2008

Hide & Seek Funnies!

Tonight we were playing our favorite family game... Hide & Seek. There are two ways to play. One is if they don't find you right away you can try to run out of your hiding spot and make it to home base before they see and catch you. Or we'll play it to where you stay in your hiding spot till they find you or they give up. Each kid is just so adorable to watch when they are it because they.... well. I'll tell you.

Chaz: He's our perfectionist. He never likes to lose. You will see in the end of the video, he gets caught and he is not happy about it!

Ryan: He can't count normal. He makes his counting to 20 as weird as possible and will do a little jig when he's done. Everything he does has to be exaggerated. He's the counter you see in this video. In this video though he actually counts normal but does a jig at the end. He's so goofy.

Kyle (4 yrs old): "1...2..3...4..5..6..7..8..10..20..30...50...60...80...90...100! Ready or not, HERE I NOT!" Then he runs around and practically scares himself when he catches people and they scream.

Ivy (2 yrs): "1..2..3..4..5..8...9..10........8..9..10...8..9..10...8..9..10! Here I get you!" Then she runs around but screams because she's too scared to check in the corners or behind things. She just squeals the whole time. And... you can never hide with her because her whispers always give your spot away! Either that or she constantly bonks into something while hiding. Ha ha...

Afterwards we all had root beers floats, then showers, and now daddy is praying with them before bed. What a fun family night. :D
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