Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Life

*Pics are of me and my sisters. I am the blonde in both pics. These are my two older sisters. The older one is of me in my teens. :o) I love the little kid one.

I have to say that although I went through some of my own things as a teen, I forget to mention that I was raised in a Christian home that did protect me from a lot. For that, I am so grateful. Anything I went through as a teen was of my own choosing. The main reason my dad was gone so much was because he is a truck driver and they work a lot! But... he still did huge loads of ministry which added to that. Anyhow, at a young age I bucked and kicked against authority and that was of my own rebellion. The sad thing is, most people can't take a rebuke from a loving pastor because they want to protect their perfect image. I learned that you can grow so much from someone speaking into your life! I was so immature for so many years because I did not allow anyone to speak to me upfront. It was me against the world. That was my mentality. I thought that anyone who corrected me was against me. So I ran from it. But.. God is so good because he continually dealt with me. I don't know why kids think it's so bad when their parents protect them from worldly things. Growing up, we didn't listen to secular music because it just was not clean. Country constantly speaks of lying, adultery, alcohol....., Rock and roll speaks of sex, drugs, depression..... the list goes on. Sure there are a few songs woven in them that can be innocent... That is just one example. You don't have to immerse your child into worldly things so they can "choose and decide for themselves". I think that there is a point you can go too far. Of course. How could I have gotten luckier being that I was raised in a Christian home? What if I had been born into a broken home? I am ever so grateful. :) Thank God for his protection and mercy. Once I met an amazing guy, my husband, who taught me so much about being teachable, things began to really change in my life. I learned to serve instead of asking to be served, how to take a correction and grow from it. My pastor's wife said, "Instead of getting angry when someone criticizes you, sit back and think, might there be any truth in it?" That was such a powerful lesson for me. It's easy to think we have no issues, just everyone else does. Wow! That was one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received. God has brought me so incredibly far. From a troubled teen who always kicked against authority and my parent's love, to a Godly mother and wife who loves life! Only God could do that. There is a such a satisfaction in serving God, in serving others. I am grateful I got so incredibly blessed to have Godly parents, who served God, served others, and raised us up according to the bible. Could I have gotten any luckier? :)

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