Monday, June 23, 2008

Lets Talk All Night!

Well, Ashley is not fitting in her little cradle anymore in our bedroom since she can now pull herself up. She is nine months old now. We always said that when she can pull herself up, we will pack away the cradle. Sniff.... well, it's that time. So tonight I took her into Ivy's room where Ashley's crib has been set up since before she was born. She NEVER sleeps in it. My two year old Ivy (that you see in picture) is like, "PARTY TIME"! Her and Ashley would not stop talking to each other. Ivy thought it was the greatest thing that she now has a talking pal in her bedroom. At one point Ivy climbed in her crib and read to her. Ashley just sat and listened. I kept saying, "Ivy, if you don't stay in your bed I'm gonna have to take Ashley out". Finally they fell asleep. We'll see how early they wake up together and start talking again.
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