Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Appreciating The Small Stuff

I cut this out from the Sunday morning paper on Mother's Day. I thought it was so perfect! I've had people tell me, "why would you want all those kids? You don't have as much time for yourself." Well, have you noticed now, having kids, that you appreciate the small stuff? 8 years ago, before I had any kids, a bubble bath was a bubble bath. You know, some nice time in the tub with a book. It was good. But.... oh now! When I take a bubble bath, it's not longer just a soak in some suds. Now it's a mini vacation! Sure you might say Hawaii or a trip to the local beach would be better, but not for me. I am just happy to take a bath in the quiet, with a book, and some candlelight. You wouldn't understand unless you've had some kids and you work hard all day. I don't mean where you sit and watch soap operas while eating out of the chocolate box every day! Ha ha! I appreciate a little gardening time, a bubble bath, some blogging time, sewing an apron, attending a baby shower. Just something that I would do on my own. I love my kids! But would these other things be so special had I not had kids? I do believe that before I had kids, I had to have a reason to go into Toys R' Us. A reason to go down the kiddy slide at the water park. A reason to crawl through the tunnels at McDonald's. Otherwise, the manager would think I'm a weirdo and chase me out! So no, I don't regret having all my little ones. Because of them, I appreciate the small stuff.
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