Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Aimee!

I know it's early but we were happy to come and celebrate you turning um.... 21! Ahem. I especially had fun at Texas Roadhouse because no other restaurant has allowed me to throw peanut shells on their floor before. I almost felt like it was a major no-no because I tell my kids that all the time. At first I didn't know where to put my peanut shells. Then I slyly threw them under the table when no one was looking. Um, until I realized I didn't aim right and they went into my purse. Why my purse? So I made sure to throw harder and aim for the floor properly. It got even better when we started aiming the peanuts right at each other. The best part is talking you into getting on the birthday saddle and having the whole restaurant yell "Yeehaw"! With a cowgirl hat that would've been a dream! (I'm a cowgirl at heart but stuck in body of a city girl). You ladies are all so much fun and goofier than I thought! (I'm definitely gonna have to hang with you guys all the more). Aimee you're awesome. Here is an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The next party we have will be for your bridal shower! Alright!
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