Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If I Don't Blog for One Day...This is Why

I blog almost every single day on both blogs because I absolutely love writing.  When I don't blog it's because something crazy happened like I was hospitalized, had a baby, or was stuck running errands all day.

It was the latter!

Here is what happened.
My friend and I needed to do some major grocery shopping and also make some more laundry soap.  It was my second batch.  Can you believe my other batch lasted 8 months?  Holy cow! This one was Michele's first.  We figured we'd just team up and make 2 buckets at the same time.

Wanna see the recipe?

Note: In my last batch I used Zote soap so that's why the soap was pink.  This time we used Fels-Naptha so it's a different color and scent.

So then we headed to Ace Hardware because we had the buckets but not the lids.  Since mine and her husband were at home playing board games in between their work hours, we went off to get them some drinks.

Then we headed to Sam's Club together.  I decided this month to dedicate every single meal to being something easy where I pretty much don't cook.  I am going to focus on my house this month so we needed to take out the hours and hours of cooking I usually do.  

On the way home we made a very, very, very important pit stop.  We grabbed ourselves some rockin' yummy Starbucks on ice!  Yum!  It was much needed at that point and special treat.

After I unloaded the groceries at my house we had to go pick up our kids from school.  After dropping them off with the guys we then headed to Fry's Grocery Store to fill in the blanks of what we needed.  

AFTER we load all the groceries in the van a lady tells me I have a flat tire.  Great!  It's just my friend and I and I've never changed one by myself.  I did know where the stuff was for it so I pulled out the jack and located the spare which is under the van.

After I crawled under van to get tire, Michele loosened the nuts on the bad tire.

A lady worker comes and shows us where to put the jack.

As we were lifting the van with the jack, a guy comes to the rescue and does the rest!  Wow!  We were so happy.  I had black all over me but didn't care.  He was so much faster at it than us.  He looked at our bad tire and we are baffled as to why it went flat since it's new.  He couldn't figure it out either.  But we were so happy to get the groceries home!

FINALLY we made it home!  Yeah!

Michele tells me her router is not working for her wifi and couldn't get her cartoons working for the kids on her Wii.  I'm just like to tackle stuff right off the bat so we call up the company and spent an hour on the phone trying to get it up and running again.  The lady was very slow in giving us instructions and put us on hold a lot so we were just sitting there.  After another half hour of setting up the Wii, we were finally ready to start cooking.

Since after work the guys were gonna play another round of games, we decided to make some homemade pizza which was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  We all made our favorite kinds so the one I made was pineapple and ham.  The kids had just a cheesy one.  The guys wanted pepperoni.  Oh, it was so good.  If you've seen my favorite pizza recipe, we used the scaled down version of how much crust we wanted.  (Towards bottom of recipe).  By the way, we just used Ragu spaghetti sauce to save time rather than making it from scratch.  How to make your own homemade pizza

Then it was time to make laundry soap together.  It's actually super easy and you would be AMAZED at how much money to save.  Not only that, it's good for people that have sensitive skin.  We made 10 gallons of it and then collapsed on her couch to take a breather before I had to head home.  

It was 2am by the time I made it home.  Lets just say I sank into my bed that night and slept very hard.

Michele says when she's with me I run her ragged.  Heh heh.  I told her with as busy as I am all the time you'd think I'd have a perfect house but noooooo.  :D 
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