Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who Knew Homemaking Could be so Dangerous?

Aghhh.... yesterday was just one of those days.  I woke up my boys for school and helped get them ready.  Kyle complained of his eyes burning but that's about it.  I thought it was allergies maybe.  As soon as they arrived on the school bus, the school called and said Kyle threw up in the hallway of the school and I need to come get him.  Oh man.  I had just sat down with my coffee and two of my little ones were still sleeping.  The school is not close so I was bummed about having to wake the kids up and get them ready.  After I picked up my poor Kyle, I figured we could go meet daddy at his work and see if he's off.  On the way to his job, Ashley throws up in the van and on Ivy.  Ivy's crying because she's got throw up on her.  I asked Ivy to remove her clothes but she said "Mommy, I forgot my underwear though".  Sigh.  Just recently I remember seeing girl panties in my purse so I gave them to her.  She had to go sit by Kyle because it was a dry spot. We picked up dad and he wanted us to take him somewhere for lunch but I said we couldn't because of Ivy having no clothes.  I ran into Goodwill to get her an outfit real fast before heading somewhere else.  It was the closet place near where we were. 

I told Charles what happened and how I had extra undies in my purse.  He said "Awwww.... that's cause you're such a good mom and you're always prepared."

I said, "No babe.  That was a complete accident.  I have no idea how clean underwear ended up in my purse."  So, that was no supermom move.

After dropping Charles off back at work and heading home, Kyle throws up again in the van.  By now the van is beginning to have a bad smell.  I got the kids out of the van and into the house.  Then Kyle throws up in the floor in the kitchen and then on the carpet in the living room.  I didn't see the throw up  on the tile and slipped in it and hit my elbow on a corner on the way down.  It was painful and I cried on the floor for a bit. After all I had to get up because my daughter just told me she found a dead reptile in the backyard. She was asking if she could play with him in the Barbie house.  I told her to please just let him rest in peace somewhere in the backyard (through gritted teeth because of the pain).  

Right then the school calls again and asks if I can come pick up Chaz.  I sighed and asked "What happened now?"  He was feeling nauseous and is in the nurse's office.  "Oh, that's it?  He hasn't thrown up yet?  Well, tell him to hang on for one more hour of school because I am NOT coming to get him.  Right now, just moving my body is hazardous to my own health because apparently I can't walk straight and need some ballet lessons.  If he's not throwing up yet I'm not coming to get him."  She probably thinks I'm a mean mom.  I was just feeling like bad luck was everywhere and it's be better if I just sat down in one spot.

This is why.....

I'm thinking about walking around in bubble wrap.  I just can't seem to protect my extremities.  A few months ago I broke one pinkie toe while running to answer the phone.  A couple weeks later broke my other pinkie to running it into my vacuum cleaner (to answer the phone).  There is nothing they can do for it so I'm just waiting for them to heal and although it's months later, the pain is just as bad.  A couple of days ago I was throwing clothes from the washer into the dryer when I rammed my pinkie finger (while it was straight) into it.  It's swollen and painful but think it's fine.  So now I'm protecting my toes, hand, and elbow.  You really don't realize how important these parts of your body are till you constantly bump them while they are trying to heal.  Do they have homemakers insurance?  You know for woman that consider their own home to be a place of risk?  Heh heh.

Gotta go.  Caleb just dumped a whole bottle of soy sauce out on the tile for someone LIKE ME to slip on.  


Zion said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! That is a rough day, but some moments you can definitely look back and laugh at. You may not want to take credit for being super mom, but I remember the last time you needed an outfit on your way to church or something you happened to have an extra set in the car. Way to go.

Zsuzsanna said...

Oh, your blog always makes me smile! You have such a positive way of looking at things, while I am often clicking the "Glad it wasn't me!" button at the bottom.

Poor Ivy for getting thrown up on - she will probably remember that for a long time. I'm glad to know other little girls sometimes forget to wear undies out of the house. I really need to stash some extra clothes in the van like you.

Mom said...

Oh poor baby! I just happen to have a good vomit story myself. Recently I had a case of food poisoning. Try as I might not to--I vomited anyway. I couldn't make it to the toilet. So I threw-up in the sink--like 10 times. Well, little did I know that my precious 2 year old had stuff cotton swabs into the drain. So, I clogged up the sink. Because we didn't know if it was virus or what--I had to unclog it to keep DH from getting sick. Oh my goodness--what Mommies don't have to do. I swear. So, in my sickness--I took the sink a part, drained the vomit, and unclogged the pipes. Yup. I was amazed myself. I don't think you are clutsy! I think you are busy! And you are a super Mom!

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

i am dying laughing! esp. the underwear part ... Christmas Eve service at church I discovered Eva had on no undies under her dress. I slapped a diaper on her that i had in the bag, but i swear the damage was done to the eyes of the people behind us :-) i like the bubble wrap idea!