Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Abandoning my Pets in the Meadow

The oddest things are happening to my pictures on Blogger. They are clear on my end but by the time it's uploaded and put on here, they are blurry. So, I'm sorry about that. Phooey.

Anyway, I wrote previously about my mice dilemma. I absolutely could not find a home for them where they wouldn't be snake food. Because of the heat and no answers we finally released them at a nearby park. The baby gray mice quickly started digging. Yay, they got the smart genes. However, mommy who is from the pet store was slowly wandering around. She probably thinks she's in heaven and there are no more dangers. I hope her "afterlife" experience doesn't end too quickly. She's stark white and really obvious to see.

We took them inside a bin and dropped them off by a tree.  I cried inside the van feeling like a BIG FAT JERK.  Some animal parent I am.  

I later asked Charles to throw away that blue dome he left sitting on the grass.  That might draw attention to where the mice were.  I cried all the way to my friends house where we were going for the day.  I tried to smile as I walked in their door and kept my sunglasses on so they wouldn't see my eyes.  She's my friend though so she knows when somethings up.  I just couldn't care for escapees anymore and there is still one loose in my house I have to catch.  

Sorry if you animal lovers out there think I'm a meanie.  Just didn't want to take them to the pet store for snake food.  Hopefully they are happily digging tunnels and playing house.  I don't know.  


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Well, or at least they have a lovely FREE life before whatever happens, happens. You do the best you can and hang on. I'm at the point where children will be leaving soon and ... it's scary.

Chris H said...

I am sure they are having a whale of a time in the park right now!

Zion said...

I think most animal lovers would think you did the right thing although believe me, I understand about being emotional about it. I told you I had the same thing happened when I was a girl and we let them loose in a cemetery.