Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Less Mess. Less Stress

My goodness!  I feel like my brain is scattered this week as we have church conference allll this week.  I volunteered for the baby nursery Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  There are lots of cute, adorable, squishy and crying babies.  I don't know if it's because I'm a mom to 6 or my patience level is incredibly high.  But even with all 17 babies under a year old crying, I had a big smile on my face the whole time.  They were just all so cute and I loved cuddling and changing them.  Is that weird?  I don't know.  It was wonderful.  Still tiring by the end of the night though.  There were so many toddlers in the other room that they had to split them up into two different rooms.

I am the Terminator of Procrastinators.  I have sooo many projects and have a hard getting myself started on them. It's not that I'm lazy.  Goodness no!  Most of the time if I have too much work, I feel scatterbrained and get little accomplished.  Every now and then I get one of those supercharged days where I get a ton done.  I was talking with a friend last night about how I would just do soooo much better with less stuff. I got boxes for every room of the house for donation.  as I am cleaning or see stuff, I want to throw stuff in them we don't need.  I have so many great organizational ideas but it cost money to implement some of them.  I believe very much in containerizing things.  Rather than just using the open space under the sink and shoving stuff in it.  When you have a spot for things and inside of something, it gives you a space limit.  Since I won't be robbing any container stores any time soon, I'll be buying things slowly at a time.  Wouldn't that be so weird?  News just in! Woman robs container store!  Cops now have her contained and detained.  Haha.

Wish me luck or pray for me hard.  I'll be working on several projects this week and hope to share them with you.  This is not coming from an expert organizer but from a desperate momma.  My goal?

Make things simpler.  Less cleaning. More playtime with kids.  Less mess.  Less stress.
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