Friday, May 20, 2011

Sanity Held Hostage

Who would DO SUCH A THING?  

My daughter and I have been really sick the last couple of days and on antibiotics.  After visiting the Urgent Care I went to my friend's house to relax.  I was happy just to lay on her floor to try and feel better while my younger three enjoy running about and playing with their friends.  Regrettably I had to leave no matter how bad I felt so I could be home when my kids arrive from school.  Just as I'm pulling up the school bus arrives.  I opened the door to my own "Home Sweet Home".  Within 5 minutes I get an anonymous call to check my facebook.  See picture below with message attached.

"I am holding this binki hostage. The owner must clean my house from top to bottom or it curtains for the binki!"

This "friend" of mine, which I will not reveal (don't click on link), has held my (very loud) son's binky hostage.  Thankfully, she can't spell so that tells me I may be able to outsmart her.

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farnsworthfive said...

You say "y" I say "i". LOL that is sooo great! I love it!