Friday, May 27, 2011

Shocking Truth about Geico's Gecko

We found this lizard in a backyard and put him on Ivy's couch from her doll house. I figured I'd give a story with it. You can call me the Lizard Whisperer.

Geico Gecko in therapy
"Doctor, it all started when Geico hired me to be their spokesperson.  At first it sounded good.  After all, I came here to the big city to find food for my family back home.  Geico treated me good, even made me a bed in the boss' office.  I'm having these nightmares ever since the incident.  One night the janitor was making his rounds. (shudder) I guess he was never informed of me being hired on.  He took off his big, humongous shoe and raised it to squish me.  I tried to escape but was frozen in fear.  He missed me but got my tail.  In horror I looked back and saw my tail detached from my body.  I played dead, even when I was thrown in the trash.  Since then my tail has grown back (thank goodness) but now I have these nightmares.  A big shoe always over me... ready to squish me.  I wake up cradling my tail every time.  I love my work, the money is good, my family back home writes me.  I don't know.  I just feel like sometimes I'm living a lie.  I haven't climbed a tree in years.  I'm popular and the ladies love me.  I just feel empty inside.  Can you help me?
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