Friday, May 13, 2011

What Do You Consider Authentic Mexican Food?

Finally, Blogger is back up and running!  Ohhh, how I missed you. Sniff....

Anyway!  I was right in the middle of blogging about something a couple of days ago when it went down.  So, I'll try again.  Was blogging about Melanie turning 30.  :D

It was my husband's sister's birthday so we enjoyed getting together for a mexican meal.  Well, as good as us white people could make it.  Tee hee.... It's like Taco Bell.  They call themselves mexican food but we all knooooow, it's not.  Haha.  Maybe we should just call them Western tacos or maybe Westican food.  That would really help me a lot in choosing a restaurant if it would just clarify whether it's Mexican food or Westican food.

Melanie and Juan.  They have two kids.  Which means I'm an auntie to 8.  Whoot!

Charles told me I was awfully quiet why they were all sharing stories at the dinner table.  Why would I want to interrupt?  It was soooo great to hear how Charles tortured his two sisters.  I need to retain all that information.  Like how he'd jump on their cabbage patch dolls and make the heads fly off.  Or he'd hang them in a noose by their neck so the girls could run into them.  After the dinner, the next day, he was telling the kids to stop fighting.  I said "Well, at least their not hanging the girls' dolls in a noose to freak them out."  haha.

Okay, so I brought these beans and JUAN (who is from Mexico) said these were fantastic beans.  He even took the leftovers home. He said, if a mexican is complimenting your beans, that is a real compliment.  So I guess these aren't Westican Beans.  They're Mexican!  Whoo hoo!


(according to Juan)

1 lb of beans (soaked overnight first)
6 cups of water
1 whole onion
2 garlic cloves
1/2 package of bacon
2 cups of shredded cheese

Make sure you soak your beans overnight.  Then add everything but the cheese and cook for 2 hours.  Drain most of water before mashing.  You do NOT have to chop the onion, garlic, and bacon because it will mash real easy into the beans after cooking.  After you've mashed beans well then add the cheese.  Super delicious and always a hit!
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