Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If You Could Wish for a Trait, What Would it Be?

Charles and I have been sick this week which makes regular house maintenance hard.  However, while I'm cleaning every day I'm constantly looking for items to put in the donation boxes.  So rather than get upset, I'm glad the kids are dragging out stuff because it's making me see how much of it is junk rather than being tucked back away somewhere.  The Duggars said that when there is just too much stuff in the house, it makes it hard for the kids to keep up on it.  If everything doesn't have a place, they can get overwhelmed.  So I'm not doing a huge overhaul, just here and there as I can.  At least trying to donate 10 items a day.

I wish I was like my sis where she could just spot stuff and get rid of a truck full.  She's amazing, you should watch her in action.  If she were here she'd whip this place in shape like there was no tomorrow.  They live in South Africa so getting her advice is hard reaching.  (No pun intended, haha)

I just really got short changed on that organizational gene.  Sheesh.  Hopefully I can make up for it in other ways.  :)  We can't really have it all though can we?  Some may be good at organizing but not have the patience for kids. Or some are not that attractive but have the heart the size of Texas.  Or someone can be absolutely gorgeous on the outside but have an ugly heart.  Or someone that is rich but is lonely and has no one to share their life with. (At least real people that care).  Some would rather be thin, some taller, some shorter, etc.  The list goes on.  So I have to remind myself that.  We all wish something different about us and none of us really posses every single positive personality or physical trait out there.

When Charles and I were first married we took a counseling class. Well, it wasn't really a class but just us with the counselor.  He had a take a personality type quiz where the results would show who is more dominant or organized.  Well, the only part that REALLY stood out to me was the organizational part.

With 100 meaning the most organized.  I got a 4.  A FOUR!!!! 


So I looked at the positive side.  At least it wasn't a 0.  There was still hope for me yet.  Haha.
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