Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something I'm Embarrassed to Admit

It's a true dilemma I am having and it's completely ridiculous.

It's even embarrassing....but apparently I love animals sooooo much I won't do a simple tiny think like finding a home for my rebellious teenage mice.  Not sure how to put that.  Actually, I CAN find a home for them.  But it's the type of home I'm worried about.  I've driven my mice around for an hour, in the heat of the car, trying to find a pet store that would sell them but not for snake food.  My 5 baby mice almost died through that trip just because I was trying to sell them to a store that wouldn't kill them.  When I brought them back home I actually sprayed them lightly with water and made sure they got hydrated again.  They are just mice I try to tell myself!

I can't believe I'm trying to keep mice safe when I know darn well that if wild mice got into my house I'd set traps for them.  Not the kind that kill but that just catch them at least. Now that I know I can't take them to a pet store  because they'll be snake food, now I'm looking elsewhere.  I thought about releasing them at a park but most likely they spray those places and try to keep mice away.  In the heat of our summer, most people aren't having picnics anymore which means no food for the mice.  These aren't just any mice. They are mine that I held in my hand after they were born, watched them cuddle their mom and nurse, loved watching them learn to walk.  Argh!

Okay, so then someone told me to take them to a garbage can behind a store, they'll get transferred and live happily ever after at the dump.  They'll be plenty of food.  But then won't they get dumped first into a truck that compacts trash?  Then they'd be killed on the way there!  

These are mice that jump very, very high so I had to find a container for them and keep them in my garage (with plenty of fun stuff) till I find somewhere to take them.  The problem is my garage is getting hot now so I need to take them somewhere quick.  Why don't I keep them?  Because these ones are escape artists and they keep trying to get loose.  We're keeping the mommies we originally had because they love us. They don't try to escape like their rebellious little children.

Besides me, who the heck deals with these issues?  Why do I care so much that they could be snake food?  Whyyyyyy????  I know I was the little girl once that rescued hurt birds before school and made a home for them in my room.  I would fix their broken legs, bandage them till they were better and could fly again.  That was so wonderful to nurse them to health.  That's why I can't sentence my mice to death.  

I'm such an animal nerd.  Someone help be now before I hold a funeral for an ant I accidentally step on.
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