Sunday, May 22, 2011

33 Ridiculous Toys of All Time

I found this list of The 33 Ridiculous Toys of All Time but the one I wanted to point out is the Barbie.  I know Barbies are so cute and fashionable.  You can put shoes on (that the kids will lose anyway) and comb their hair (before it becomes ratted).  You can even change their outfits!  Or..... not.  Heck, it seems they like to play nudist colony more often than not.

"Does Barbie represent bad gender role modeling?  I don't know, but I do know this: that girl likes to get naked.  No sooner than minutes after your daughter receives the gift of Barbie does this amoral little doll have her clothes off.  And it is in the sinful state of nature that Barbie will stay, most likely writhing in a pile of similarly clothing-shy Barbies.  It's not the 70's anymore, Barbie.  Get some undies." -

I have to agree that it's kind of annoying that they'd make these completely naked under their clothes.  Especially since I have sons around.  They are just way to close to making these like an (surgery enhanced) adult.  I get leery of them coming out of my girls' room because I don't like my boys to see them.  What is so hard about designing some permanent underwear and undershirt for them?  That way when my girl sneaks one into church and lifts it over her head, we don't have a naked Barbie being waved in the air.

Other weird toys are:

Heyyyy, at least we wouldn't have to pick up the poop after it.  No loud barking.  This is as simple as pets get, guys.

The Pet Rock

For those of you who travel all the time and miss going through the airport lines and can't wait get back. No need to wait!  Enjoy it with your family at home.  Might as well train our kids now.

Airport X-ray Security Machine

Actually, I could imagine getting this for my kids to have ONLY for waiting in quiet bank lines or sitting in a hushed waiting room somewhere.  A place where people are too uncomfortable to talk to each other.  It'd be the only entertaining thing to watch but annoying to hear over and over since it's made out of wood.

Ball and Cup

I have a bone to pick with the Pogo Stick.  I could never master it.  It was a major disappointment in my life.  I think at the most I could bounce 4 times. The kids who could do 50 must've been on steroids.

Pogo Stick


Taryn said...

We had 3 sons, 2 daughters then a son. My girls never had fashion dolls- only baby dolls. We now have 5 granddaughters and I would never buy them a fashion doll or anything that had to do with fashion dolls. I read an interesting book years ago-Turmoil in the Toybox by Phil Phillips(1986).

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi Taryn! :) That books sounds really interesting.