Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's Just Stuff

Okay, it helps to get rid of stuff when you don't have people picking through your boxes and saying they need this or that. I've tried several time to rid of stuff and it's just frustrating. Finally last night my husband said to go ahead and clean house.  Just don't tell him what I'm getting rid of and he'll be fine.  YES!  Finally!  Of course I know what he really loves and I wouldn't touch it.  But for example, I just got a brand new set of plates and bowls given to me and I wanted to get rid of the other set that is slowly disappearing from use.  He didn't want me to get rid of the other set.  I honestly don't care about material things.  Just what we actually need.  I don't collect things.  The closest I get to collecting anything is aprons.  I love aprons but it's because I actually use them and I only have 5.   It's just stuff.  Things. 

 I guess I'd rather worry about a broken heart than broken china.  

This week is conference week so it's really thrown me off my game getting stuff done.  I was able to relate to my friend's blog post awhile back.  

"You see I am not one of those that CAN do it all. Confused? Let me explain. I cannot have happy children AND a sparkly house all at the same time. I cannot do yard work all day AND have a clean house, I cannot go grocery shopping AND have a clean house AND have a good dinner cooked all on the same day. Believe me it's not because I don't's is just too complicated."

She said it perfectly.  :)  You are awesome, Betty.  <---Code name.

This is why I want to simplify.  Clean house. Because I want to not feel guilty about playing with my kids and letting the house go for a day. When I don't have that much stuff, it doesn't even really get messy.  I remember when my house was like that and it just gives me peace in my heart and I really can do it all.  Cleaning? Ha!  It was a breeze.  I have to get back to that.  Lately, I played with my kids, talked to them, discussed issues, played board games, etc. and that's what I really care about.  Not cleaning a load of crap that we don't really even need.

It is conference week though and I've been pretty tired so it's been harder to focus on my projects.  I have some reviews I'd love to share with you and can't wait to.  :)
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