Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Curious Mind

I love to learn.  Explore. My curious mind is never satisfied. Last night I was doing some searches on egg hatching.  Well, I wanted to know what goes on INSIDE the egg while it is forming. 

Did you know that the yellow (yolk) part inside the egg is not what forms the chicken? The peep only uses it for nutrition.  Kind of like nutrition from a placenta for a baby.  Well, I found the COOLEST pictures of a chicken forming inside an egg.  Amazing. 

Go HERE to see some more pictures.

So then I got to thinking I would really like my own incubator for such experiments. Well, not where I crack open egg but by candling them to document growth.  We raise chickens so we would keep them of course.

HERE is where you can see how candling works. Pretty awesome!!

What to see something even cooler?  Oh, yeah. By 2am I went from tired to awake I was so excited studying this and doing searches.

So,what is the end result?  Here is a little one hatching. So cute.

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