Friday, December 10, 2010

Caleb's Haircut and Making Happy Feet

So I gave Caleb his first haircut!  I was shocked at how he looked. Soooo handsome!  I will have to take a picture when he is awake.  I remember when I found out I was having a boy. I had two thoughts. 
1. Oh no.  Circumcision.
2. More boys' hair to cut.
I don't like to cut hair but it saves us a lot of money.  If 5 men in this house had to go get their hair cut, it could add up monthly.  So it's worth it to save money.

My mom asked me to go to Payless online and pick out some shoes for my kids for Christmas.  I've never bought shoes online since they usually try them on first. So I traced all my kid's feet onto a paper, measured it, triple checked it, then compared it to sizing chart online. I then went through their shoes and did an inventory to see what they needed.  Some needed tennis shoes and some needed church shoes.  Then I looked for sales on their site.  After totalling the cost of shoes for 6 kids, it was pretty good but I knew I could do better. So I went onto facebook and found Payless.  They had a game you could play to win Buy One Get One Half Off.  I played and didn't win so then I logged into my husband's account and play again. That time I won!  So I took the code to my order and applied it. All in all I got the cost down from $108.00 to $64.00!  What a savings!  Not bad for 6 kids.  :D  I was proud.

Another blessing that happened to us was that we needed a new Christmas tree.  We talked about a real one vs. a fake one.  We love real ones but to get a really nice one, they can be around $70.  It feels like a waste of money to us so we decided on a fake one. Last year's was pretty teeny.  It was fine!  LOL.  But we thought it would be neat to get a bigger one.  Well, as we were discussing it, my husband's mom calls to tell us that her sister had a big one for us if we wanted it.  Really?  Sure!  Last night we were gonna have a family decorating night.  I went into the attic and brought down all the Christmas boxes. Only one strand of lights worked so we had to throw out the rest.  So decorating is postponed till Saturday.  We will have cookies and hot cocoa with marshmallows on top.  :)  Yummm.... It'll be wonderful.  We can't wait. 

I keep trying to explain to Ivy the difference between putting MUSHROOMS in your hot cocoa vs. MARSHMALLOWS.  One day I will show her the difference.  Ewwww....

A friend of my son's gave us some mice. I don't know whether to be grossed out or think it's cute. I do think they are so cute.  There is a difference between ones that pick up grossness everywhere and ones from the pet store. So I have to remind myself that.  Often.  It's just funny how us ladies scream when we see a mice but then allow one in a cage to cuddle. Heh heh.  Although I remember years ago when my parents had to put out mice traps. It only happened once but I was soooo sad when I heard the mice squeak when caught.  :(  Broke my heart.  But I was the kid that went and rescued hurt animals all the time.

Tonight, I have a goodie in store for my friend, Michele, who by the way  never updates her blog.  Well, she is having a sleepover while my husband and kids are away.  It's a girl's night!  She is 29 tonight folks. Tomorrow she is 30. So to say goodbye to the young life, we all know you are so not mature at 21, and hello to real adulthood, we are having one last sleepover. 

This is Michele and Chris below.  I'm sure they won't mind that I made this Christmas picture of them.  Haha.
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